Al Madawa is a small eco-camp near Nabq National Park, Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai.
It all started with a dream of a simpler way of life, going back to the roots, and the life in and with nature.
“Be humble, live simple.”
Over the years with much love and effort the place turned more and more into a little peaceful heaven at the edge of Sharm el Sheikh.

From where came the name?

The name is a piece of history that we try to keep alive.
The Red Sea was always used for trade, especially between Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. In the past, before all our modern technology, communication across the sea was difficult, but our ancestors were creative. They would make a huge fire called Al Madawa (translated: big light or fire) to signal over a long-distance that they were expecting goods or about to send some over the sea.
Al Madawa also helped people who were traveling in the desert to find their way.

We chose that name because it links us to history and symbolizes our mission, which is to guide people back to nature and open their eyes to the beauty they can see in the desert and at sea.

Our vision

At Al Madawa we try our best not to manipulate the environment around us a lot and to preserve it. Al Madawa is on it’s best way to become self-sustainable. The water comes from a well near the camp, instead of being brought by cars, and the electricity from solar panels. The plants we grow are mostly desert plants that can cope with the temperature and amounts of water available.
At the moment, we are trying to make a small garden with edible plants to be even more self-sustainable and natural.
Also, we try our best to make others fall in love with the amazing nature in Sinai, the desert, the sea, the wildlife, the plants, etc. and show them how important it is to protect all of this.